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In all insurance contracts "The big print giveth and the little print taketh away."

You become insurance poor when, at claim time, you are told "It is not covered." The Insurance Niche is here to point out the gaps! Our menu allows you to pick what you want covered while a professional explains the coverage in order to assist the choice.

When buying Traditional Products such as auto, home, life, health... there are a few things you must consider, for example:

Do you have replacement costs or depreciation? Is your life or health insurance guaranteed to renew, or must you re-qualify?

For Specialty Policies, such as those for a business:

Do you really have complete liability protection? Are you in a flood plain? Does your jet or yacht require appraisals? Do the members of your organization know that, as a large group, they are entitled to discounts?

The industry calls this the power of the premium.

The Insurance Niche - We are the answer.